Larkin Poe visits Estonia

18. April 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Jazzkaar hosted an American band (Atlanta, GA) Larkin Poe on April 17th at Punane Maja. With two music loving sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, accompanied by a drum player Marlon Patton. The band name comes from the family roots. Sisters’ great, great, great grandfather, Larkin Poe, was a civil war wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe. “As sisters, we just wanted to pick a band name that had familial significance, so we decided to tip a nod to our ancestors and take on the name ‘Larkin Poe’,” says Megan. 



First time performance in Estonia was full of combinations of strong American Southern harmonies with electric guitar riffs and lap steel music. Drum percussion, fusion of Rebecca’s impressive vocals and Megan’s harmony backs made the show unforgettable for the audience. 

Some of the spectators had not heard about Larkin Poe before. But the experience they had at the show made the whole evening enjoyable.

Luiza: I really enjoyed the concert, I did not know much about Larkin Poe before. I am so impressed I will definitely listen to their music more often. 

Kaite: I came to the concert very randomly with my friends. But I am happy, because it was a really nice experience. I also danced a lot.

Maria: I came to the performance because of my friends. I think it was one of the greatest music experiences for me. I am going to buy Larkin Poe’s CD now. They were really professional and inspired me a lot. 

However, there were spectators who studied the band compositions before the show. 

Katri: I think that the show was full of positive energy and the vocals were amazing. Before I came to the concert I searched for their music online. I really liked them and I decided to see them live. That was a great chance. 

All in all, Jazzkaar Festival gave a great opportunity to the spectators to meet Larkin Poe on the stage. Live concert impression and exciting nature of the American band’s music will always stay in the memories of the spectators.  


Larkin Poe

April 17th 22:00 Punane Maja

Rebecca Lovell – lead vocal, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin

Megan Lovell – harmony vocal, lap steel 

Marlon Patton – drums