Lauri Saatpalu & Band: One Night, Two Performances

10. December 2015
Ceren Ay

Lauri Saatpalu does not need introducing to Estonian audience as his songs are familiar from the bands like Dagö, Folkmill, Pantokraator and Beep Shop Boys. This year, just before the Christmas Jazz Festival, Saatpalu made his fans and music lovers happy with his new album called „Isaga draakonil“. With his talented Jazz quartet, Raivo Tafenau (saxophone), Paul Daniel (guitar), Marti Tärn (bass) and Tanel Ruben (drums), Saatpalu had two awe-inspiring performances at Vaba Lava On December 2nd.


The stage in a concert hall gave a hint to the audience before the show started. A theatre theme with carpet on the floor and light show created a sincere atmosphere. When the magic of the stage met with Saatpalu`s charismatic voice, powerful acting ability and sense of humour, the visual and musical feast became inevitable. 


The show had another important meaning due to Saatpalu`s 50th birthday. He performed all the songs from his latest album and also his memorable best songs with the help of his brilliant crew. Saatpalu also did not forget to talk to the audience during the pauses. Every once in a while the atmosphere turned into a stand-up show with his amusing anecdotes.  


Indeed it will be injustice not to write about jazz quartet, while describing the suscess of the show. They were next to Saatpalu, making the performace unforgettable with their enchanting melodies and great harmony. Besides their main instruments, while Tafenau performed on accordion, Tärn showed his limitless talent on contrabass. Daniel and Ruben joined them with their powerful performance to amaze the listeners.


When the show ended, the concert hall was still full with the fresh audience. After such a powerful performance Lauri Saatpalu and Band were ready to stop the time for another spectators during their next gig. 


Lauri Saatpalu & Band

December 2nd 2015 on Vaba Lava



Lauri Saatpalu – vocals

Raivo Tafenau – saxophone

Paul Daniel – guitar

Marti Tärn – bass

Tanel Ruben – drums