Over a glass of music

25. April 2015
Mihaela Barac

Thursday evening felt like I went out for a glass of wine, but ended up listening to stories of a past life, full of emotions. It was about childhood, it was about war and love, passion and joy. This roller-coaster of feelings happened thanks to Mathias Eick Quintet from Norway at Vaba Lava.

The band started smoothly and gently with one of their most popular songs Skala. It made a good introduction, as it took the audience through a great mix of heartbeats. In a manner of seconds they managed to make you breathe slowly, feel serenity and then immediately feel joy. That made the mood for the following concert – unpredictable and enjoyable.

In between songs the musicians were warm and welcoming. Eick was in the mood for jokes and funny moments. Everybody relaxed as if they were sitting in their own living room and listening to old records with good friends.

From the second song called Williamsburg they engaged us in a smooth ride over a musical waterfall. As they said themselves, three songs felt like an entire album. Starting with some electronic touches, the sound slided into the solo of the classical trumpet encountering no trouble. They performed many solos giving each other the chance to stand in the spotlight. So when the contra bass solo begun, the atmosphere felt creepy and sad. That turned into a child-like mood; and then with the drums joining it became a war march, transforming into a passionate love story with a tragic ending. It took everyone through a piece of history.

The storytelling was even better thanks to the diverse instrument display. It was clear from the beginning how well the band balances between different instruments and musical styles. Their music was speaking about mistakes, regrets, moments of truth and passion, covering it all with layers of fulfillment and pleasure for life.

All in all it was a celebration of us and of everyday.  After three callbacks they took our breath away with a mood and desire to go dancing and enjoying everything that is given to us.

Mathias Lukas Quintet
23 of April at Vaba Lava
Mathias Eick – trumpet
Andreas Ulvo – piano
Audun Erlien – bassguitar
Torstein Lofthus – drums
Andreas Bye – drums