Review: jazz for everything

27. April 2014
Anano Tsartsidze

It was my first time to hear The Hi-Fly Orchestra perform, if you do not count the songs listened from Youtube. This review is, therefore, fresh and honest but also lacking just a bit as one concert was not enough to be thorough.

During the concert you could see people who were truly enjoying the time. For someone it was good music to do massage or have a conversation with friend. You could also see people sitting on the chair and relaxing. For someone else I was just one fun night together with their friends under the jazz tune. For me it was an amazing feeling listening to the Hi-Fly Orchestra and just be grateful that we still have the music which brings joy and happiness.

Before the concert started my friend and I were talking that you cannot really dance to jazz music, but when they started perform it was crazy that almost all of us were dancing. It is so amazing to see people with different background at Jazzkaar.

The Hi-Fly Orchestra play Latin and soul music, and jazz from 1960’s. The most intriguing one was when Karl Frierson, one of the best singer and performer, joined them on the stage. He was here before and was sharing experience with the band and listeners.  Most of them were connected with the bar and famous Estonian drink jellyfish. This gave the clue to the fun to have good time with the band. Frierson played a new song with Orchestra and also performed one on his own. They played songs from Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix. The most amazing was the crowd singing these songs with the band.  

We can speak endlessly about the concert. All these elements gave everyone good emotions. You could imagine yourself dancing in Rio or in Africa or, when you want, in Estonia.  

My only concern of the concert is, that is was too short. Otherwise, it was a great show, so get ready, because their world is exciting!


The Hi-Fly Orchestra

April 19 in Marina Pavilion


Florian Riedl (sax, flute)

Chris Gall (piano)

Jerker Kluge (double Bass)

Hajo von Hadeln (drums)

Ravi Pagnamenta (percussion)