The magical performers of Mehmet Polat Trio attract international audience

22. April 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Mehmet Polat trio is a band that invites the audience to travel in an adventurous and spiritual world. The magic performers of ud, nei and kora performed on April 21st at Red House. Their interaction, positive attitude and very smooth music made the event diverse. 

The band was created in 2013 in the Netherlands. There are three members in the band, Mehmet Polat (ud) and Sinan Arat (ney) from Turkey and Zoumani Diarra (kora) from Mali. Since Zoumana Diarra was not yet recovered from his heart attack, the Dutch harpist Brenda Dor-Groot substituted him at this concert. The band constantly searches for new musical paths and inspiration. Mehmet Polat has designed an ud with two extra bass strings to broaden the range and function of the instrument. 

There were some of the people among the audience that had not heard about Mehmet Polat Trio. The event promotion brought them at Telliskivi district to enjoy the exotic music with Balkan, Turkish and African tones. 

Zani, Latvia, teacher trainer: We heard about this wonderful festival when we arrived at Tallinn for the conference. There are around 30 people from different countries, mostly Eastern Europe. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to experience something that is really top quality. The band was amazing; their music took me to lots of different places. I visited Turkey, Balkan and many other places. 

Mihkel, software engineer: The band performed really exotic and nice music, I enjoyed it a lot. I heard about them through my wife who invited me to join the concert. I liked their style; it is a really nice combination of oriental, traditional and spiritual music. 

On the other hand, the spectators said the venue was unique and very appropriate for the spiritual and adventurous music. 

Epp, HR consultant:  I did not know anything about Mehmet Polat Trio before, in the morning I saw them on TV, I also heard about them at Viljandi festival. After that I decided to come to their concert. I also bought their CD for my husband, who could not attend the show. I think that it is quite a small band but with characteristic and incredible music. The environment is very appropriate for their music. You can enjoy the music as well as the atmosphere at the same time.  

Kristina, Latvia, professor: I expected to feel good tonight and the show met my expectations. Additionally, I liked the neighborhood very much because it was very applicable to the music that was presented. The event was very visible and nice. 


Mehmet Polat Trio

Tuesday, April 21st at 19:30 at Red House

Mehmet Polat – ud

Zoumani Diarra – kora

Sinan Arat – nei