Urban City Project – Groovy Stone Statue game

24. April 2013
Ana Pervan

Another fun and colourful day of music and dance is behind us. This time Urban City Project has organized a performance inspired by the Stone Statue game.

Those who have played it, probably remember that the game is based on the interaction between two groups of people. First group usually gives some kind of rhythm which the second group has to follow by dancing. When the rhythm group decides to stop playing, the other, dancing group has to follow their lead.


This interaction between musician and dancers took place on April 23 in Old Town, on Vana-Turu Street at 3.30 PM. Saxophonist Siim Aimla and the students from the Georg Otsa Music School gave groovy beats and unchained dance moves of the Tallinn University’s student dance group.


It was interesting to see this improvised interaction between the musicians and the dancers as much as the positively surprised reactions of random passengers. Even though this performance was only half an hour long, it put smiles on random people faces and moved the old and the young observers. Some of them were too shy to join the game, but were unconsciously influenced by the positive energy and thus, started to move on their own.


One of the most interesting parts of the game was when the waiter from the restaurant nearby decided to join. He busted some cool dance moves and, for the moment, forgot about the tables, customers, orders and everyday obligations. One chef from the local restaurant also heard the music and decided to leave his kitchen for the moment in order see what is happening on the street. Instead of dancing, he recorded a video! Tourists and students, working class heroes and young mothers with children, cyclists and others had a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of music and dance.


If you experienced the Stone Statue game with Siim and the dance group, liked it and want to see more of it, stay tuned. Urban City project is preparing different events and interactive games that will take place every day in different locations around the city. Check the schedule for Urban City Project.

Feel free to join the urban City Project experience!