Festival areas

Telliskivi Creative City

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For the second time, the biggest jazz festival in the Baltics is taking place in Telliskivi Creative City. The spring jazz party’s events will be taking place in two buildings – Vaba Lava (‘Free Stage’) theatre and the Red Hall carrying a jazz club vibe. Thus there is a chance to create a compact festival area where guests have a reason to enjoy concerts in a row and visit exhibitions, dance shows, take part in jazz talks, participate in master classes, enjoy food and drink, and be part of the additional programs.


Vaba Lava and the Red Hall are next to each other in Telliskivi Creative City and they are joined by a walkway created for Jazzkaar in the spring. In the Red Hall, there is a cafeteria, an exhibition, a cozy lounge, ticket center, and wardrobe. It’s easy to get to the festival area – with public transport, on foot, and by bicycle.


To create a new home for the festival and offer good emotions in Telliskivi, Prike will lend a helping hand. Location partners are Telliskivi Creative City and Vaba Lava. Reval Cafe opens a nice jazz café in the Red Hall. In addition to the special menu and jazz cakes, you can also enjoy good handicraft coffee.


“We wish to create the suitable conditions for the most significant international cultural events in Tallinn from our part. Jazzkaar is definitely one of them – for the second time already this spring we can enjoy world class musicians and exciting artists in Telliskivi’s concert venues,” says Jaanus Juss, the founder of Telliskivi Creative City.


The building of the new center for the festival is supported by Prike. “Jazzkaar is an important event at the culture life of Estonia, and as the location partner for the festival, Prike supports filling this new environment with fresh content and good music,” noted Lauri Põldmaa, CEO of Prike.


The Red Hall address is Telliskivi 60a, C2.
Vaba Lava address is Telliskivi 60a, C1.


Bicycle parking

We like it when people visiting Jazzkaar ride their bikes to the festival. To make your experience more enjoyable, there is an unattended bicycle parking lot in front of the Red Hall in Telliskivi Creative City.


There are several city and private parking spaces near the Red Hall and Vaba Lava:
– Next to Red Hall (building C1) there is a paid parking area (EP86)
– Next to buildib B there is a paid paid parking area (EP86)
– On Telliskivi Street, city parking area (Kesklinn paid zone)