MTÜ Jazzkaare Sõprade Ühing

Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141


666 0030

Team members

Anne Erm

Director and art director of the festival

Anu Luik

Producer / ticket sales coordinator / coordinator of volunteers

Eva Saar

Head of marketing / producer

Merli Antsmaa

Project manager

Marti Tärn


Anna Lindpere

Head of communications

Rene Jakobson

Coordinator of photographers

Sten Arvi

Technical manager

Madis Aija

Technical manager

Birgit Krullo

Saja Lugu project manager

Erkki Tero

Copywriter for artist texts

Erik Teemägi



Happiness ambassador


Volunteers of Jazzkaar are the first who welcome you at concerts and the last ones who bid you farewell in the evening. Volunteers are an extremely important and special part of Jazzkaar team, and we’ve become a large and faithful group of friends over the years. Today there are over 100 devoted volunteers at Jazzkaar.


Volunteers take various roles at the festival, and the team awaits new members over the age of 16 who want to help out with their time, skills, experiences, and good will at making one of the most important cultural events in Estonia come true. We cherish different work and life experience, cultural background, and open view of the world when it comes to our volunteers.


If you’re interested, contact Anu at and attach a short introduction of yourself and your experience.