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28/04/2017 Novel and crisp sound by The Firebirds

Reviews Jan-Erik Aavik

The Firebird (1910) is a ballet by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, which explains the heavy influence of his work on the jazz group The Firebirds. Although consisting of only three members, Anders Filipsen (keyboards), Anders Banke (saxophone) and Stefan Pasborg (drums), the group delivers a smooth modern interpretation of the classical music.


One can also notice the aspect of consistent diversity in their ensemble. At times their play is cosmic, slow-paced body of sailing melodies. The Firebirds also deviate towards rhythmic, lively and fast-paced jazz and yet they sustain a clean delivery where each instrument and detail accents and perfects the unity. The dominant drumming by Pasborg handles the hyper nature of high-pitch saxophone and synth, which yields a polished and crisp sound that, pleases musicians’ ears. It is the altered perspective on Stravinsky that exposes the freshness and novelty in their production. Seeing such music from these angles only adds to appreciation and understanding and, for me, raises curiosity on the possibilities of further rendering of the musical anatomy.


THE FIREBIRDS (Denmark) Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring

26th April, Punane Maja, Tallinn


Anders Filipsen – keyboard
Anders Banke – saxophone
Stefan Pasborg – drums


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