Maris Pihlap live & party feat. TIKS DJ’s - Festival Jazzkaar

ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

EMAIL: info(ät)

Maris Pihlap live & party feat. TIKS DJ’s

Saturday 29. April 23:00

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Maris Pihlap vocal, electronics

Saturday 29. April 23:00

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Fotografiska Tallinn

From April 1st 23.-

Maris Pihlap is a singer, producer and DJ from Tallinn, Estonia. Her journey started out as a promising folk fiddler, diving deep into Estonian tradition, but an injury put that dream on hold and led her to an alternative path instead. She taught herself to produce, started writing original songs and refining her skills by remixing other artists’ music. Maris takes the listener on a journey where traditional music and jazz are effortlessly intertwined with electronic pop production. In her fantasy world genres don’t exist, lines are meant to be crossed, and expectations broken.

Her debut-EP “What Have You Become?” was released by TIKS rekords, and gained immediate attention both locally and internationally. A year later it was followed by a full-length album “The Search for Life Within” that features collaborations with musicians and artists Both of the albums were nominated at the Estonian Music Awards in successive years 2022, 2023. At the moment Maris is dedicated to live performances, creative collaborations, and gathering new ideas and turning them into music.