A feast for eyes and ears

29. April 2019
Celina Mehlich

With Jazzkaar’s 30th birthday cake in their stomach, the audience started the evening with swinging sisters Vivi Maar, Viveli Maar and Maris Aljaste. Punane Maja was well attended, almost all seats were taken and many people stood behind the rows of seats. Everyone was focused on the music and the pretty musicians.



With cheerful swinging songs from the album Õnnele vastu with Estonian lyrics and an elegant retro moderate appearance, the performance was atmospheric and stylish at the same time. The band consists of five male instrumentalists and the three sisters, of whom Vivi and Viveli Maar are siblings. The outfits were coordinated: while the men were all dressed in elegant suits, the Maar siblings wore mustard yellow trousers with a white sweatshirt and Maris Aljaste, in the middle of the two Maars, wore a bright red dress. Finely tuned with a dance choreography consisting of hip swings, clapping, flicking and shrugging shoulders to swing groove, the focus was entirely on the singers.



The instrumentalists were in focus with skilful solos when the charming sisters flicked to the side and left the instrumentalists for their moment of attention.  All musicians mastered their instruments excellently. With their good mood, relaxed appearance and excellent solos they elicited a lot of applause and jubilation from the audience. Siim Aimla has to be emphasized who changed sovereign from tenor saxophone to soprano saxophone and flute. One of the most beautiful songs was the Estonian arrangement to the jazz standard On the sunny side of the street, which fit wonderfully to the sunny evening, and giving the last evening of this year’s Jazzkaar a relaxed start.



28th April, 17:00, Punane Maja


Vivi Maar – vocal
Viveli Maar – vocal
Maris Aljaste – vocal
Allan Järve – trumpet
Teno Kongi – trombone
Siim Aimla – saxophone
Kusti Lemba – guitar
Janno Trump – bass
Ahto Abner – drums


See photos from the concert here.