A Glimpse of Oneness

22. April 2018
Ines Margato

Once again Vaba Lava opened its doors for an extraordinary concert. The duo Bremer & McCoy came from Denmark for the first time to present their work, not only the older material but also their still-warm new creations. Their intimate, sensitive and atmospheric sounds have conquered Estonian hearts.


Jonathan Bremer and Morten McCoy are childhood friends from different backgrounds. Bremer (born in 1991) is a gifted young artist who has been on the jazz scene since he was 17, while the skilful McCoy (born in 1992) has his roots more in Jamaican and African culture, as well as Nordic and Scandinavian traditions. Since their first 12” vinyl LP Enhed (2013) was released, they have been recognised by the Danish and international music worlds. In 2015 Ordet was released with 10 compositions, followed by the 11 tracks of Forswinder (2016) and an already rare 7” vinyl single Forsvinder (2017) with only two tracks. At the moment, Bremer and McCoy are dedicating their time to writing new compositions.


On stage, their complicity seems endless, harmonic and reflected with gentle smiles and looks. Their music is fascinating, a mixture of electronic elements with melancholic bass tones and enlightening piano notes. It has Soul, and a wordless ability to transmit feelings, tell a story and comfort the heart. It is fresh and crystal-like, charming and delicate, relaxing and sweet. Throughout the concert there were no barriers between the performers and the public, and furthermore between the musicians and their instruments, beyond the mind. It is almost impossible to describe the beauty and the depth of this unexpected vision, it seems that there are not enough words, or that all the words are not enough.


Bremer&McCoy (Denmark)


Jonathan Bremer (double bass)

Morten McCoy (piano)


Saturday 21st April 2018, 7pm at Vaba Lava,Tallinn


Check out the photos from the concert here.