A Hungarian delicacy

19. February 2018
Ines Margato

On its 12th birthday Kumu Art Museum opened its doors for an exceptional Hungarian jazz trio Mihály Borbély, Miklós Lukács and András Dés. They presented their last work – Mihály Borbély Polygon. The music is rich with a variety of jazz styles embedded in traditional music and a contemporary touch.


Borbély is an internationally recognized artist and musically versatile. He has played at major folk, world music and jazz festivals all over Europe, US and Australia. He has worked with great masters and won several prizes. Miklós Lukàcs, exceptional talent playing cimbalom, and András Dés, energetic and sensitive percussionist, have shown and proved to be the ideal partners for Borbély not only on stage, but also in spirit.


The evening was provoking, mysterious and vibrating with the hypnotic sounds of the clarinet, the dynamic power of the drums and the delicate sounds of Hungarian cimbalom. Waves of sounds and rhythms were produced from passionate compositions to soft moments of pure beauty. Swinging and romantic melodies were carefully put together to offer the audience a travel not only in time but also in space.


The very special instrument cimbalom was brought to Tallinn especially from Sweden. Cimbalom is a delicate and profound 18th century instrument, full of tradition, fine and transparent tones. On the other hand the percussion’s beat is the modern side and offers dynamism to the musical puzzle. Borbély’s clarinet was the bridge between folk music and contemporary music, an unification of Hungarian culture, history and tradition.


Mihály Borbély Polygon (Hungary)
Saturday 17th February 2018, 5 pm at the Kumu Art Museum Auditorium
Mihály Borbély – saxophone, clarinet, flute
Miklós Lukács – cimbalom
András Dés – percussion


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