A must for all jazz lovers

26. April 2019
Celina Mehlich

After the presentation of the Estonian Jazz Awards in Vaba Lava, the evening was crowned by the performance of Joshua Redman, Reuben Rogers and Gregory Hutchinson.
With rhythmically experimental sounds of Hutchinson, the warm bass line of Rogers and the refined melodies of the tenor saxophone, the trio created a relaxed atmosphere with the greatest possible rhythmic tension.
As one of Jazzkaar’s headliners, the trio lives up to the festival name because what you could hear was pure jazz. Joshua Redman Trio is a must for all jazz lovers with its original jazz on stage.
The instrumentalists indulged in the music ecstatically and passionately; on occasion they would moan audibly with pleasure. The audience copies that audible enjoyment, gives delightful cheers and rewards the performances with strong applause.
Generally, the songs all start with melody, in the middle part the musicians give solos to their best and then return to the original tune. Impressive and brilliant solos are presented and played so euphorically by drummer Hutchinson that the middle drum breaks towards the end of the concert. Fortunately, Jazzkaar’s helpers immediately provide a second drum set.
The songs played consisted of arranged jazz standards such as Richard Rogers’ and Oscar Hammerstein’s The Surrey with the Fringe on Top, Second Date , Oscar Pettiford’s song Tricotism, Never Let Me Go and of compositions by Redman such as Back from Burma, Blues Down the Line and Ocean.
With charming stage banter Redman showed he is charismatic and funny. He joked that after the award ceremony he was now looking in vain for his jazz award, but that he feared that one had to have been more than once in the country to be awarded with a national award. Now that he has made it to Estonia once at the age of 50, he still has 50 years to come here a second time, but hopes it won’t take that long.
All in all, the musicians seemed cool and casual and created a relaxed atmosphere and played highly sophisticated music.
25th April, 18:00 Vaba Lava
Joshua Redman – saxophone
Reuben Rogers – bass
Gregory Hutchinson – drums
See photos from the concert here.