A one night stand with Meshell’s music

27. April 2017
Miaela Barac

We had a date with a real woman on Saturday evening. The multi-talented American singer, composer and bass player Meshell Ndegeocello got us fall drunk in love with her. Her music is considered as the starting point of the neo soul movement and we got to agree with that. Her basses of pure intensity of sounds. From funk, soul to jazz to hip hop, reggae and rock. A cup spoon of love concentrated to the max.


She knows her game and she plays it very well, either with the instrument or her band mates, but especially with the public. She made sure our trip was smooth and got exactly what she intended us to. While playing the tunes and smoothly turning it into a tale. A message. And then back again into a vortex of vibes. Delighted us with a cover of Nina Simone’s Misunderstood. What gave us a hint of the valuable inspiration she got from African roots and touching social themes as racism, prejudice as well as sexuality. It is all pretty much in Jimi Hendrix colours on stage while rhythms start to float in the air. These were different all the time, but in a graceful, dynamic balance. A bit of electronically inspiration is spotted on the tunes of the last album Comet, Come to me, whiles keeping the same sensual attitude and power. Like a good one night stand. We got the element of surprise as well as smooth comfort. Let the music slide into the body.


Leaving us after the intense experience, Meshell sang If you love me, forget my name… her love and music will sink your mind, will make you forget… even your name. Sincere, raw music. Enjoying life…smoothly.



22nd April 2017 (9pm) at Vaba Lava (Tallinn)



Meshell Ndegeocello – vocal, bass
Christopher Bruce – guitar
Jebin Bruni – keyboard
Abraham Rounds – drums



Check out the photos from the concert