A Spiritual Night at Christmas Jazz

16. December 2015
Ceren Ay

A well-known composer and guitarist, Robert Jürjendal, and succesful percussionist, Madis Metsamart, had soul touching performance at Niguliste Museum on December 8th. The combination of their sound and extraordinary concert hall took the audience in another dimension to enjoy their inner peace.


Niguliste Museum (or in other name St. Nicholas Church) indeed had important affect on musicians’ performance. St. Nicholas Church is one of the oldest structures built in the 13th century in Tallinn`s beautiful old town. After partially destroyed in Soviet Bombing in World War II, it has been restored and used as an art museum. Although it seems quite simple outside and inside, it is possible to find famous art works as well as medieval gravestones and sole altars. Despite the fact that attending a concert in a museum / church was new for me, Niguliste has been hosted concerts since its St. Nicholas time.


There is no doubt that Jürjendal and Metsamart with their spiritual melodies were perfect match for such atmosphere. As also mentioned in the beginning Jürjendal is a famous musican in Estonia, Europe and Russia. With his performances he has played with various Estonian and and foreign artists. Besides instrumental exhibition, he is also outstanding with his composed music for theatre and documentaries. On the other side of this duo, Metsamart vitalized the melodies with his astonishing percussion performance. As a National Syphony Orchestra concert master and percussionist, Metsamart has also played with lots of venerable artists in different countries.


Christmas Jazz Festival presented the audience with these unforgettable moments and bringing the music masters together in such glorious place. This enchanting performance made spectators to lose their time and space perception and took them to their inner self. Without any doubt, the show will remain in our memories.


Robert Jürjendal & Madis Metsamart

Tuesday, 8th of December 2015 at Niguliste Museum.

Robert Jürjendal – Guitar

Madis Metsamart – Percussion