Amazing what human voices can do!

06. December 2016
Ines Margato

The public arrived charmingly and expectant for an evening with two gifted a cappella groups: Estonian Voices and Take 6. Nordea Concert Hall was sold out which favoured the excitement in the air from the very start that tipped off that something unique was about to happen.


The first hour of the concert was done by Estonian Voices. Since 2010, they became an a cappella ensemble singing from jazz, folk to pop music, influenced by traditional and original songs. On stage, they showed themselves confident engaging with the audience in a cheerful manner. The repertory included classic Christmas songs (‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Jõululaat’) as well as the popular Estonian songs ‘Kättemaks’, ‘Saanike’, ‘Kõik, mis teed, tee praegu’ (‘Everything you do, do it now’). By singing in Estonian and English with a variety of rythms and tones, Estonian Voices confirmed their vanguardism and mastered technique with potential for internationalization.


At the end of the first part, Take 6 came onto the stage and both stellar groups performed ‘Hey, Mr. Bubble’. This was not only a creatively brilliant idea, but it was also an amazing musical experience thanks to their vocal complicity and visual playfulness.


After the interval, the vocal sextet Take 6 dominated the stage with an exceptional live performance, captivating the public from the first moment. The quintessential capella group performed a diverse musical set from the past and present talents: ‘Stand by me’ (Freddie Jackson), ‘Overjoyed’ (Stevie Wonder), ‘Your a Mean one Mr. Grinch’ (‘Mr.Grinch’ BSO), ‘Happy’ (‘Despicable Me 2’ BSO), and Christmas songs like ‘Sweet Little Jesus’, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and ‘Let it Snow’). It seemed that Take 6 can sing anything, simple or complicated, real and surreal, with our without instumental accompaniment.


It was an explosion of musical enjoyment, creative vocal excellence, the finest genius vocals, with each of them holding their own vocal role. It was a non-stop finger-snapping performance.
Take 6 entertained the audience with a good sense of humor, interactively and with simple yet sufficient dancing choreography. The audience responded in a natural and spontaneous way to this magnificent quality of human voices and, at the end, they showed grattitude with a standing ovation.


During their encore, Take 6 and Estonian Voices gave an additional performance ‘Oh Come Oh Faithful’, creating a magical moment in our hearts!


Take 6 (USA) & Estonian Voices
Sunday 4th December 2016, 6.00 pm at Nordeo Concert Hall (Tallinn)

Take 6 : Claude McKnight (1st tenor), Mark Kibble (1st tenor), Joey Kibble (2nd tenor), Dave Thomas (2nd tenor), Alvin Chea (Bass) and Khristian Dently (Baritone)
Estonian Voices: Mikk Dede (Soloist), Kadri Voorand (Alto), Rasmus Erismaa (Baritone), Maria Väli (Soprano), Aare Külama (Bass) and Mirjam Dede (Alto)


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