An energising crazy cocktail

23. April 2017
Elodie Bénard

The Dutch jazz drummer and multi-instrumentalist Han Bennink, who turned 75 few days before, offered us a quirky and unconventional show this Friday 21st with guitar player Jaak Sooäär, and singers Laura Põldvere and Kadri Voorand.


A perfect alchemy. A red building with an industrial feeling which became an unavoidable place for music lovers. An intergenerational contrast between a drummer using his instrument in its simplest clothing and the young generation bringing modern songs thanks to effects pedals.


An almost rock introduction with a drum-guitar duo, followed by a softer song but still with a delicious dialogue between both instruments. The first singer, Laura Põldvere, added some sour and colourful touch to the show, mixing both scat singing, vocal improvisation and meaningful songs. As for the second singer, she provided a mystic atmosphere using a jazz vocal style with emotive and onomatopoeic songs. The compilation of tunes embraced motifs as free jazz and unconventional improvisation with a panel of influences from pop-rock music to film music.

We got the opportunity to enjoy a Bennink’s style show using whatever objects happen to be onstage as his own body (a favourite device involves putting a drumstick in his mouth and striking it with the other stick) and whose energy should be an inspiring way of life for everybody.


Han Bennink (Netherlands) feat. Jaak Sooäär, Laura Põldvere, Kadri Voorand (Estonia)

21st of April 2017 9pm at Punane Maja (Tallinn)


Han Bennink – percussion
Laura Põldvere – vocal
Kadri Voorand – vocal
Jaak Sooäär – guitar


Check out the photos from the concert.