Ancient and modern piano together in one talent

30. April 2017
Ines Margato

Vaba Lava became a black mysterious room with only a single light illuminating the pianos on stage. Tigran Hamasyan is a enigmatic Armenian pianist and composer with an uncommon combination of different elements, dynamics and tones. He offers a refreshing texture to the Armenian folk tradition, mixing it with electronics, voice and influences from classic music.


The concert began with an unexplained beauty. Minimal electronic sounds combined with classical piano to become the perfect composition. It became even more exceptional when Hamasyan added spiritual female-like vocal lines to his unconventional musical style. A little paradise on Earth.


From the beginning, Hamasyan’s original melodies and talent surprised us. Despite his small stature and fine hands, he is a remarkable musician, with unlimited potential. He shared moments of irregular fiery tones and explosive creations using synthesizers combined with classical piano. But there were also percussive vocal rhythms, as well as melancholy poetry-like compositions and angelic non-wordy vocal chanting together.


Hamasyan’s music is an invitation to travel to ancient roots, and to evoke memories and emotions. Desperation and celebration. Deception and honesty. Illusion and reality.


However, from my perspective, at the end, the tones tended to be slightly repetitive and the songs especially long. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?


Tigran Hamasyan (Armenia)

Saturday 29th April 2017, 7 pm at Vaba Lava (Tallinn)


Tigran Hamasyan (Piano)


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