Bouquet of rhythms for any season

05. November 2018
Mihaela Barac

An evening of all tastes was presented to us beautifully by the Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet – five equally talented musicians. The group of these jazz musicians is led by the Austrian jazz guitarist and record label owner Wolfgang Muthspiel. The generous fusion between the five instruments was flooded with warm sophisticated melodic tunes that inspired waves of emotions.


It started with obscure older songs like Everything happens to that dog, other songs filled with solo moments to enjoy and fall into a meditation, while plenty of duo combinations between the magic instruments as well. Honorable tributes to Prince and Miles Davis were present too. Alongside with pieces from the new album Where the River Goes which came out this autumn. The musical union was added by two new members – Matthieu Michel on trumpet and Colin Vallon on piano, both from Switzerland. Everyone blended in smoothly in contemporary unrested rhythms of flamenco and funky 60s soul-bop.


Music is interpreted very differently by every melody of the Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet. Either it is folk or classic influences, they manage to surprise and feast the ears and soul with bouquet of tastes and sound delights.


Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet (Austria-USA-Switzerland)

Tuesday 30th of October 19.00, KUMU Auditorium

Wolfgang Muthspiel – guitar
Mathieu Michel – trumpet, flugelhorn
Colin Vallon – piano
Larry Grenadier – bass
Jeff Ballard – drums


Check out the photos here.