Captain and the Klingons

26. April 2019
Giulia Guarini

The evening begins with a familiar atmosphere, people from different generations can be seen and everyone waits warmly for the musicians to arrive. The international quintet consisting of Lithuanian multi-reeds player Liudas Mockunas, the talented French saxophonist Pierre Lapprand and double bassist Etienne Renard with the versatile Estonian drummer Hans Kurvits and the captain herself, the innovative pianist Kirke Karja.



The concert begins with mysterious sounds and rhythms that come together slowly, developing into something new. The audience is captivated by the unexpected changes in harmony and colour that the quintet is able to bring together flawlessly. The sounds merge naturally and we can sense that these musicians have known each other for a while, the way their sounds blend can’t be ignored. Kirke shows the way and interacts with the audience in a casual yet elegant and friendly tone; we can say she feels at ease and familiar with being on stage.



The solos were impressive, the musicians improvised freely and passionately, taking their instruments to the limit with contrasting sounds and techniques. From the explosive energy in Liudas Mockunas and Pierre Lapprand’s sound to the contrast of touches and timbres that Etienne Renard was able to create, or from the contagious groove in Hans Kurvits’s drums to the mastery and sensitivity present in Karja’s playing – it all creates a rich and refreshing atmosphere that never ceased to amaze the audience.



The way the captain led the group with her smile was definitely something that won’t be left unnoticed. At the end of the concert the audience warmly applauded and cheered for the musicians who followed up with a small encore that left us eager for the release of their debut album this spring.

24th April, 19:45 Punane Maja


Kirke Karja – piano
Liudas Mockunas – saxophones, bass clarinet
Pierre Lapprand – saxophones
Etienne Renard – double bass
Hans Kurvits – drums


See photos from the concert here.