Dance in the 5th dimension

29. April 2017
Jan-Erik Aavik

Kenton Slash Demon offers a pleasant contrast in the Jazzkaar festival. The work of S. Moldenhawer and J. Kenton is a palette of vibes, ranging from minimal techno to futuristic deep-house, other times from aesthetic ambient to an aggressive white noise induced progressive house.


The pleasurable baseline along with LED lighting very much assembled a club-like feel to the environment. I enjoyed the fact how the music fluctuated between instrumental beats and vocally-driven techno. Then again, the strong rhythms occasionally transitioned to more illogical, spacey and psychedelic melodies – inviting for a trip in another dimension. Nevertheless there remained a flow of energy and build-up of tension making even the shy ones in the audience swing along.


In terms of the atmosphere the duo also showed a nice development from melancholy to euphoric, from euphoric to melancholic again. Their music came in waves and provided a holistic experience of the abstract, straight-forward and the unknown.



28th April, Punane Maja


Silas Moldenhawer – electronics
Jonas Kenton – electronics


Check out photos from the concert.