Elletuse: When the beauty finds new colours

19. October 2017
Ines Margato

In a golden-sunny afternoon Kumu auditorium opened the stage for Elletuse’s concert. The Estonian ensemble delivered the new album “Ilu sõitis jõge pidi”, which has been inspired by the poetry of Kristiina Ehin, folk songs and runo songs. The charming surroundings and the jazzy tones embraced the public and won their hearts once again.


Ensemble Elletuse got together in 2006 with the goal of connecting folklore with jazz music, world rhythms and fresh colours. This concert was exactly that.

The beginning was full of melancholic instrumental tones and vocal elegance of Liisi Koikson and Liina Saar. The creative arrangements of “Kihutan sinu poole” proved that poetry and art of music can be interesting and unexpectedly beautiful.


“Vanemuine laena kalimbat” has been clearly influences by African music, due to the styleof playing, rhythms of dance and energy by drummers Ramuel Tafenau and Aleksandra Kremenetski, by bassist Peedu Kass and guitarist Paul Daniel. Another interesting musical experience were “Kuldnaine I, II and III”, based on Ehin’s poetry. We traveled from chaotic-intensive vocal tones to a gentle lullaby, all expressing the complexity of a woman’s life.


Singer Lauri Saatpalu was the first guest on stage. He commanded the words of “Jüriöö sõnum”, marching the lyrics with strong voice and sharp tones. The second addition was the saxophonist Raul Sööt. The deep sounds of “Mu süda ärkas üles” created an emotional connection with the melody, and inspired the soul.


For one hour the public enjoyed the vibrant rhythms and the waves of the music.


Sunday 15th October 2017 at 5 pm at the Kumu Auditorium
Liisi Koikson – vocal
Liina Saar – vocal
Paul Daniel – guitar
Joel-Rasmus Remmel – piano
Peedu Kass – bass
Ramuel Tafenau – drums
Aleksandra Kremenetski – drums