Endless state of intoxication for freedom

27. April 2019
Celina Mehlich

DJ HEIDY PURGA, DJ Widensky and DJ Rasmus Faber in joint performance with singer Lionman transformed the evening into an endless state of intoxication for freedom.
The people, neatly dressed in party outfits, were ready to forget everyday life and start the weekend. Around half past eleven the venue, Punane Maja, filled up quite fast. The DJ desk stood in the middle of the stage with the glowing letters “Disco JAZZKAAR 30” in the background.


DJ HEIDY PURGA started off with music that invited you to slowly come to and chat. The audience got into party mood, starting out with gentle dance moves to steady rhythms and sounds. Tunes that merged into each other, skilfully connected and seemingly never-ending made the evening seem like an intoxication.


At quarter to one o’clock, singer Lionman began to sing with a soulfully funky voice. He actually looked like a lion with his afro mane. He captivated people with repeated hypnotic passages, his voice sounded so warm and soft, almost like a woman’s voice. The singer animated the audience via call and response to sing and clap along and celebrate: “You are, you’re not alone,” the crowd chanted.


And nobody was alone: a lot of chatting and dancing took place. Other than in an ordinary nightclub, the focus here was fully on the DJ desk, many mobile phone cameras were pulled out to record the evening and the DJs on the desk. The latin rhythms brought diversity into the sound and new movements into the audience, as well as hot temperature, so high heels and jackets were soon abandoned.


The DJs did a good job as the main goal – people dancing – was definitely reached.



26th April, 23:00, Punane Maja


Rasmus Faber – DJ
Lionman – vocal
DJ Widenski – DJ
DJ Heidy Purga – DJ


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