Equally Drunk Instruments

25. February 2017
Mihaela Barac

Friday came – time for getting drunk with jazz tunes. So came out on stage three equally talented musicians with three equally delightful instruments from three equally beautiful countries. We had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the trio jazz band Equally Stupid , a delightful drunk collaboration between Switzerland, Finland and Iceland.


They were detached, feeling like in their own living room and emanating only joy and enjoyment. And this is exactly what we got from their music. An eclectic mixture of sounds and patterns. A strange, yet delicious dialogue of instruments – we had a wild saxophone combined with a fiery guitar and elegant drums. We had it all. The guys were colorful not only in clothes. The names of the songs – Bird Life, Fool’s Paradise, Cosmic Ray, Escape from the Unhappy Society – proved their minds and souls were more busy observing life in technicolor than falling into it’s greyness.


The compilation of tunes embraced motifs like Hip-Hop groove and Icelandic gangsta rap with Industrial grunge chaos and urban noise. But equally diverse at any time and well balanced and put together or well, torn apart, as if reading the mind of a child. They were exploring the limits of playfulness and ambiguation. We had chance to see them one by one emerging feeling while playing solo on their instruments. Affairs and stories were told…


And, of course, we successfully called them for an encore with drunk Turkish folkloric vibes. We got our last shot of euphoria and jazz alcohol, for that was exactly the reason we came.
Equally Stupid
Friday, 10th of February, 2017
21.00 Teater NO99, Tallinn


Pauli Lyytinen – tenor saxophone
Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson – guitar
David Meier – drums


Check out the photos from the concert here.