Ester Rada: emotions and feedback happen

23. April 2015
Pilarica Martin

The Israelí Ester Rada and her fascinating band charged the audience batteries with powerful energy, kicking off her spring tour around the world. It was a concert with a Saturday atmosphere at nine o’clock on Wednesday. It seemed that people didn’t mind sleeping less. They already knew that the performance will be worth it.

When the tickets are sold out several weeks before a gig, it says a lot about the expectancy of it. A long queue for entering Vaba Lava, full hall, loud murmurs and a big ovation when Ester turned up on the stage after a couple of minutes of warming up by her band.

She communicated really well with the audience, and they gave a good vibes back, too, jumping, dancing and clapping hands with the artist. Rada is a compelling vocalist who knows her strengths and doesn’t hesitate to use them even with some of the classics such as I Feel Good. She also played the well-known Life Happens, with people helping her at the bis. More songs from her last album, released in 2013, were performed such as Monsters and Four Women.

The sax player Gal Dahan had a special highlight. He created captivating and warbling sounds with multiphonic techniques, a special fingering combination which put the spectators’ hips shaking to the exotic rhythm. He also played the flute in the same style.

Finishing the concert she said that there were only two more songs, but nobody wanted to believe her and when she abandoned the stage, people clapped their hands, stamped their feet, whistled and shouted for an encore. However the popular acclaim was the only music which beat the hall. Ester Rada and her band are artists who won’t let you remain indifferent. 

April 22nd of 2015, Vaba Lava
Ester Rada – Lead Singer
Ben Hozer – Guitar
Michael Guy – Singer and shakers/tools, bass
Don Mayo – Drums
Maayan Milo – Trombone
Gal Dahan – Sax
Lior Romano – Keyboards
Inon Peretz – Trumpet