Exciting Experimental: I Wear* Experiment

22. April 2017
Jan-Erik Aavik

On their live concert at Punane Maja an electro-pop group I Wear* Experiment, consisting of three members (Hando Jaksi, Mikk Simson, Johanna Eenma), provided the audience with innovative beats, captivating vocals and a fiery performance.


Young souls radiating vitality shared a strong connection between each other, their instruments and the atmosphere. LED lights and drum beats scintillated through the public creating an almost unbearable internal riot that needed to be released through dance, rave and hype. Very interestingly had their music tied together retro synth with futuristic experimental, and that is one of the reasons to see the band live – I Wear* Experiment is a satisfying incorporation of both the visual and the tune.


21st of April (23:59) at Punane Maja (Tallinn)


Johanna Eenma – vocals
Mikk Simson – drums
Hando Jaksi – guitar


Check out the photos from the concert.