Grand Master of the Grand Piano

25. April 2016
Maria Patrakova

On a sunny Saturday afternoon when Tallinn was quiet and peaceful, a big crowd gathered in Punane Maja. The force that brought them all together was Holger Marjamaa, a young Estonian talent and recipient of the New York Manhattan School of Music scholarship for Master studies in jazz piano.



The show started with some gentle piano tunes and eventually the double bass and drums joined into the instrumental jazz and blues flow. Holger was one with the music and his instrument; he was dressed in black and white outfit as if he wanted to blend with the grand piano. His hands were flying above the keys, sliding on them and hitting them at amazing tempos with great accuracy. At times the music was so fast and emotional that he was jumping on his stool while playing, getting his whole body involved in the creative process.



Holger’s dedication and passion along with his young ascending celebrity image fascinated the audience. You could see many young girls in the audience try to get a photo of him and talk about him with their friends.



Despite the fact that only Holger’s name was featured in the concert title it was by no means a one man’s show. Everyone got to be the lead a few times, and at some points Holger would let go of the keyboard completely to let the drums and bass be in the centre of attention. Heikko Remmel and Ahto Abner performed amazing solos, playing around the piano melodies and also creating assertive authentic sound.



When the last song was announced, musicians took the performance to a whole new level of energy, groove, and intensity. This strengthened the connection with the audience so much that they refused to let the band leave. All three came back on stage for one more song, but even then the audience did not give up. It seemed like a lot of people had waited for Holger to tour in Estonia. After the show fans surrounded him with flowers, presents, hugs and just nice words.



Check the pictures of the concert here.


Holger Marjamaa

23rd of April at 4:30 pm at Punane Maja


Holger Marjamaa – piano

Heikko Remmel – double bass

Ahto Abner – drums