14. September 2015
Pilarica Martin

Rune melodies from the old Ingrian land were tuned by the well-known Estonian singers Kadri Voorand & Liisi Koikson and the music by Paul Daniel & Jaak Sooäär, with an electrofolk ending by Olev Muska on 5th of September at Kumu Auditorium. 


The Autumn Jazz kicked off with a great combination of folk, jazz and electro music. Diverse interpretations of Ingrian songs by recognized artist in the Estonian scene that divided the concert in two parts: Voorand and Koikson singing together with the guitar players Daniel and Sooäär, and the peculiar folktronica and audiovisual supported music by Olev Muska. All of them at once to commemorate Veljo Tormis, who has dedicated his life collecting these traditional songs and composing. 


This first part of the concert was the consolidation of two great singers full of energy and perfect synchronization. Different tone of voices with similar range that matched in an exquisite way with the guitarists. However, everyone had their moment to demonstrate their abilities. Liisi Koikson delighted with her voice, Jaak Sooäär performed a refined harmony, Kadri Voorand astonished with her ups and downs tunes, and Paul Daniel was a stylized company. 


Songs such as “Liilee ja Lailee” or “Kaske kange” were the proof of a perfect talented duo that filled the concert halls wherever they go, as they did that day. Two singers that were playing at the same time instruments like the xylophone or melodica. Also Sooäär and Koikson had their particular melody “Mängu laul”, a nice conversation between the voice and the guitar. 


To finish the special evening, the Estonian artist settled in Australia, Olev Muska performed the folk songs joined with his electronic samples. Incorporating his voice in live along his composition, he didn’t amused the spectators only with his party-melodies but with the sequence of pictures and lyrics that were played in the background with a projector. The last video was with photos of Veljo Tormis, to remind people why they were playing together: to dedicate it to the retired musician.


An unique experience which was worth to see. A concert that, perhaps, won’t happen again. All together with the great musicians made that evening special.