Into the world of imaginary lands

25. April 2015
Mihaela Barac

On a late Thursday, in Punane Maja, Ingrid Lukas and her band put a spell on everyone. A spell full of unicorns and fairytale creatures. We all had a trip into a land of mysticism and subliminal transcendental soul twisting. Something stole us all and made us believe in dragons and pixies.

It begun by introducing us slowly to the clear sounds of the instruments, until Lukas’ divine voice appeared on the scenery and made everyone surrender their hearts. I really appreciated that the band’s background music was clear and full, the presence of it was as important as the voice of the evening.

The band touched upon many types of sound from techno, trance, alternative, romantic… A real fusion of colorful dreams. It made me think of Björk and her unexplainable way of enchanting the soul. Somehow it made even more sense taking in consideration the space it was taking place in, Punane Maja. It was the place for this industrial fairytale happening.

I enjoyed this mixed feeling that the music gave – letting your body move in a free way and yet, also dream-like and meditative.  That also happened on stage – Lukas was always materializing her music with her own moves and later a full choreography performance took place in front of the audience, thus the name of the concert Ingrid Lukas Meets Dance. It made it a real tragic disco show. 

It seemed that the audiece held their breath throughout the show.  In the end, we were singing in unison with the band. Together, it felt like a group of children that went out to play together. It felt natural.

The evening wasn’t only about music, it was about imaginative lands and mind with no boundaries. The concert proved how easily we can be someone or somewhere when you just let your mind float on the vibes of good energy and music.

Ingrid Lukas Meets Dance (Estonia – Switzerland)
23rd April at Punane Maja

Ingrid Lukas  – vocal, keyboard
Patrik Zosso – drums, synthesizer, electronics
Céline_Giulia Voser – cello, vocal, synthesizer
Manu Rindlisbacher – bass
Rene Köster – dancer ja choreography 
Helina Reinjärv – dancer
Kristel Jänes – dancer
Kreete Pillenberg – dancer