Jazzkaar 2017: What others write about us?

10. May 2017

Jazzkaar is delighted to have several foreign journalist writing about the festival and visit beautiful Tallinn and Estonia. Here are some of the reviews of the festival and overall feeling:


“Jazzkaar, a 10-day extravaganza in Tallinn, Estonia, is mostly set within the Telliskivi Creative City, a hub for the city’s artistic community. This is a converted industrial area, now mostly colonized by venues, galleries, bars and cafés, although a scattering of the old-school businesses still exists.”

Downbeat / Martin Longley
Estonia’s Jazzkaar Fest Spotlights Adventurous Artists



“The range of programming at Jazzkaar was undoubtedly its finest feature. Whilst at a glance the festival schedule may have seemed daunting or inconsistent, this variety and juxtaposition of performances is ultimately what jazz is all about: yoking together the old and new to create a brief glimpse of something unique and inimitable.”

Jazz Standard / Ammar Kalia
Jazzkaar festival live review \\ Yussef Kamaal, Tigran Hamasyan and surprising programming



Jazzrytmit / Matti Komulainen
Jazzkaar 2017 avattiin suurteoksella, vallankumouksellisella jazzilla ja kotikonserteilla



Jazzrytmit / Matti Korhonen
Dianne Reeves Jazzkaaren pääkonsertissa


Jazzrytmit / Matti Korhonen
Rumpalit pääosissa Jazzkaaressa keskiviikkona



Jazzrytmit / Matti Korhonen
Ella Fitzgerald 100 @ Jazzkaar 2017


Jazzrytmit / Pasi Virtanen
GoGo Penguin innosti Jazzkaaressa


Jazzrytmit / Matti Korhonen
28. Jazzkaar Tallinnassa


Finnish blogger Johanna Gönlundi
Mitä tapahtui Tallinnassa, ei jää Tallinnaan



AllAboutJazz / Martin Longley

Jazzkaar 2017



New York City Jazz Record / Andrey Henkin



Jazz.ru / Anna Filipeva

XXVIII фестиваль Jazzkaar в Таллине, Эстония: три дня в джазовой атмосфере


Yle Radio / Juhani Kansi:

Matka Eesti jazziin


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