Journey to the Estonian Jazz Galaxy

01. May 2016
Teona Lomsadze

On Friday evening Vaba Lava hall magically transformed into the spaceship with Jazzkaar listeners on the board and led us to the shiniest stars of Estonian jazz sky. It definitely was an unforgettable adventure for the audience who got to experience the joy and proud of being part of such a luminous event, representing 10 years of the Estonian Jazz Awards.



All 10 jazz musicians demonstrated the deepest expressions of their artistic nature – own compositions, mostly performed collaboratively with each other. It was an invitation into each and every one’s personal musical world, where they could support composition with ideas. All those completely different personalities, speaking the same language of jazz, managed to create real polyphonic atmosphere. It was a simultaneous sound of different instruments, where each of them developed their own musical line independently, in a way to be corresponded with the main idea of composition. Some of the compositions created real polyphonic musical structure as well. For instance, a piece composed by Villu Veski, where the main theme was performed by wind instruments quartet and vocal. In fact, Kadri Voorand with her special colour of her voice sounded as one of the instruments too.



The interaction with the audience was also very active and that truly lent into the format of the concert. Each musician had a chance to express themselves both musically and verbally. The musicians were introduced by short video monologue shown on a specially designed screen, where they talked about their attitudes towards music, discussing about experiences and in this way, making audience more aware of not only their music but their personalities as well.



The dialogue between audience and artist was incredibly intense when it came to music. Kadri Voorand, a story-teller by her singing manner, needs her audience as an indivisible part of self-expression act. Her phrase “Cause I never let you go” directly pointed that out. Her performance at the gala concert was a great example of her talent

attracting audience by strong energy and involvement of the listeners, from which you are never able to go.



The same feeling of being involved was easy to spot during the performance of Taavo Remmel, Jaak Sooäär and Tanel Ruben, expressive ensemble piece by Meelis Vind or last composition of the concert – musical dialogue

between Kadri Voorand and Maria Faust, winner of Jazz Awards 2016.



The hour and half long journey into Estonian jazz galaxy ended and left the long applause of excited audience, full of emotions and unforgettable memories.


Check for pictures of the concert here.


Gala Concert 10 Years Of Jazz Awards
April 29th, 6 pm at Vaba Lava


Jaak Sooäär _ guitar

Tanel Ruben _ drums

Siim Aimla _ saxophones, flute

Raivo Tafenau _ saxophones

Kristjan Randalu _ piano

Villu Veski _ saxophones

Taavo Remmel _ double bass

Meelis Vind _ bassclarinet

Kadri Voorand _ vocal, piano

Maria Faust _ saxophone