Kuradi Saar – Rocking Into Ecstasy

29. April 2019
Noemi Collings

The concert hall at Punane Maja was full of good-humoured people when the Estonian band Kuradi Saar entered the stage on Saturday night at 0:30 am. Kuradi Saar – these are frontman Robert Linna, guitarist Markko Reinberg, keyboarder Konstantin Tsõbulevski, bassist Rain Joona and drummer Jon Mikiver. That this distribution of instruments is not fixed, however, should soon become clear.


The band introduced themselves by starting with a song with the same title as themselves and heated up the audience from the very beginning. Both guitarists communicated a lot through their instruments and performed an impressive solo interplay.


Altogether there were a lot of different sounds and every song was a surprise in itself. What started as a funky guitar tune turned out to be an alternative rock song and what seemed to be a ballad turned out to be punk psychedelic rock. The qualitative change made sure that the audience didn’t get tired – even at 2 am they were still craving more.


Frontman Robert Linna started the third song Konflikt by switching from guitar to keyboard and adding some blues elements to the mainly rocky sound. On the following and comparatively quiet song Valel on kaunid jalad he returned to his guitar and took over the accompaniment while guitarist Markko Reinberg performed an impressively virtuosic solo.

The flowing transition to the next song brought not only a strong turn of different style elements but also a change of musicians. Drummer Jon Mikiver passed his sticks on to Robert Linna and replaced him on the lead guitar. Keyboarder Konstantin Tsõbulevski also switched between keyboard, synthesizer and guitar all the time. During a long instrumental the piece developed from soft rock into wild psychedelic and revealed the extraordinary musicality of all band members in grandiose solos.


While a guitar riff continues to run through the loop station, the band finally says goodbye to the stage – just to return to a rapturous applause and go one better.


Robert Linna, now back at the front of the microphone, eventually fetches a glittering mini electric guitar and starts the last song, while the other band members gradually join in. Together they rock each other into a wild instrumental play, and not only they but also the audience, seem to be ecstatic.


The whole thing ends in a dramatic, never-ending finale that leads from one “fallacy” to the next that finally puts an end to the ecstasy of the audience.


Kuradi Saar


Saturday 27th April 2019, 23:59 Punane Maja




Robert Linna – vocal, guitar, keyboard, drums

Markko Reinberg – guitar, vocal

Konstantin Tsõbulevski – guitar, vocal, keyboard

Rain Joona – bass

Jon Mikiver – drums, keyboard, vocal


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