Let’s keep it classy

05. December 2017
Mihaela Barac

This year the winter came on time. But the cold and the darkness could never match with a great charisma and even greater talent. If you were at Nordea Concert Hall on Saturday, 2th of December you know what I mean. It was warmer and sunnier than it could ever be outside – all thanks to Shayna Steele and the Estonian Dream Big Band conducted by Siim Aimla. Shayna’s music could wake up a sleeping bear in the cold season. So much energy concentrated in so much beauty. She kept the concert as classy as possible, as artist said herself – combining it smoothly with the natural funky vibes. While the Estonian Dream Big Band added so much more color and flavor to the mix, it was impossible to not feel happiness surrounding you.


First, she broke the microphone already after the first song, but she responded well: “I have too much for you, I cannot handle it myself.” The public was more receptive than ever expected – standing ovation.


During the concert we we could hear covers for Fiona Apple’s song Paperbag, Antônio Carlos Jobim’s Dindi, classic Chrismas songs like Nat King Cole’s simple and touching The Chrismas Song (Shayna’s personal favorite). Steele also performed her own repertoire, playing hits like Gone Under written on the tour with the guys from Snarky Puppy. The Estonian Dream Big Band stayed always on the same wave, they were there to emphasize a good rhythm and give a great solo. Even though they had only two rehearsals before, the project was a full success. It was meant to be played on this stage, even because of the unfortunate event of the cancellation of Stacey Kent.


Shayna Steele’s performance was a concert of a diva with great gentlemen around her. She loved the applauses and feedback and the public loved the sunshine and energy. Everyone got what they wanted and even more.


SHAYNA STEELE (USA) & Estonian Dream Big Band, conductor Siim Aimla

Saturday, 2nd of December at 19:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja, Tallinn

Shayna Steele – vocal;
Estonian Dream Big Band;
Siim Aimla – conductor.


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