Livia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira: A Taste of Tenderness

19. October 2016
Mihaela Barac

On a Saturday gentle evening the public of Estonia had the extraordinary joy to have the presence of a fresh, yet classic, duo from Brazil: Livia Nestrovski and Fred Ferreira. They smoothened our hearts by taking as on a music journey around the world through Latin culture. It was a balanced and tender combination of modern interpretation and the elegance of the past.


The duet opened their performance with a song written by the prominent Brazilian singer – songwriter guitarist Milton Nascimento “Clube de Esquina” (The club in the Corner). The atmosphere was immediately fixed by the delicate lights and their body language. The matching white outfits made us understand the intimacy going on that was beyond any artistry connection. The sounds of her voice reminded of Hellenic nymphs and harps of the antique times. The serenity she transmitted was as if sitting in a garden of roses on a sunny day with an easy breeze over your head. They smiled mysteriously at each other most of the time, as if they were proving us right on our suspicion of this deeper bond between them, it looks as if they have a secret, maybe they are actually possessed by euphoric spirits of careless sounds and softness.


Their repertoire included songs written by famous Brazilian composers as Milton Nascimento, Tom Jobim, Rudi Vilela, Ze Miguel Wisnic. And not only tongue twisted lyrics in Portuguese called Coco, but also in Spanish, lyrics from Mexico and Uruguay. The colorful bouquet of languages goes further to French through a song with quite an interesting old story coming all the way from the 16th century and of course impressing us with a bit of Estonian in between. Magnificently managed with all the accents and cultural impersonation.


From songs about memories and longing, they moved smoothly by playing with our mood, jumping to love and tastes of joy. His guitar was under a spell and her voice was out of space. The image they created on the stage was beyond sound of course. It was a state of mind. It was travelling without a ticket. They accomplished the real point of music…soul transcendence. Could someone from the public say they weren’t on that Saturday night in the heart of South America, but more than this, in a place that’s full of sun and every ray of it is a sound of divine music?


Livia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira “Um gusto de Sol”
15th of September 2016, Kumu Auditorium

Livia Nestrovski – voice
Fred Ferreira – guitar


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