Livia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira: Links to a deeper sense

12. October 2016
Teresa Garcia

The duo Livia Nestrovski and Fred Ferreira will delight Estonia with their unique and playful interpretations. As the title of their performance “Um Gosto de Sol” ( A taste of Sun) you too will feel the warmth of their melodies.


What brought you to Estonia?

We had two invitations to play concerts in Portugal and since we were coming to Europe, we started to spread the word through friends. We happen to have a really good friend from Estonia, Arvo Volmer, so we asked him if he knew a place that would be interested in having us play, and he put us in contact with Anne Erm. In a fairly short amount of time we have been able to kind of plan a tour through Europe, luckily. After this we will be playing in Prague, Munich and Paris.


What got you interested in music in the first place, when did you become a duo?

Livia: My parents are both musicians, so I come from a very musical family, it was a natural path to me. I started to really study and get into music at around 12 years old, when I found out that I really liked to sing. This happened while I was living in the United States, I was born in Iowa and then moved to Brazil, and back to the states, and then back to Brazil, I ended up in Campinas where I studied at UniCamp, which has an important music department. This is where I met Fred who was studying music composition…


Fred: Yes, I graduated in music composition with the viola, I also play guitar both acoustic and electric. I think they are complementary knowledges, so I have studied classical and popular music together all the time. I was working in Campinas and that’s when I met Livia.


Livia: We became a duo because we were making music together, we met through a friend and played at first as a trio around the city, which later became a duo. This first project became deeper and more dense and also more structured. We always had a musical connection and at that time we started to go out also, so everything just started to get mixed there.


Fred: Like Love and Music are. (Livia and Fred laugh with a look of complicity)


Livia: Then we took separate ways and have had parallel projects as well. But about a year from now we decided to take the time we were dedicating to other projects and do what we like the most, which is working on our life project and exploring new expressions for our music, travelling and learning, getting inspired by our experiences and as a result creating more music.


How would you describe your music?

Our music is between Brazilian traditional music of the 60’s, world music, jazz… it’s a real mix of things, it’s so hard to define. Because even if we play a traditional MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) song we will play it in our own way, so sometimes it won’t resemble the original one. Sometimes we play classical music as well, and even Mexican rancheras, it’s all there! It’s good to be able to move around so many different areas and audiences. Sometimes we create specific repertoires, so for example at the Obidos Music and Literature Festival we composed specially for it. We really enjoy to research and mix all these different types of songs and the challenge that it is to find the link that connects everything and makes it sound like one whole piece, which is why two concerts will never be the same. We hope you are ready to be surprised!


Livia Nestrovski and Fred Ferreira

Thursday, 12th October 2016, 19.00 Haapsalu Kultuurikeskus
Friday, 13th October 2016, 20.00 Kõltsu mõis (sold out)
Saturday, 14th October 2016, 17.00 pm at the Kumu Art Museum’s auditorium (Tallinn)