M-PACT: Listen to believe – the talented human nature

20. February 2019
Mihaela Barac

Winter jazz fairytale started late January’s  Sunday in Tallinn with the most amazing and mind bending pop-jazz vocal ensembles. Composed out of six most talented young voices from USA, it was more than an hour of sound candy. Half of the public already knew what to expect from the night – as it is not the first time for the singers to be in Estonia, but it is the first time in this line-up.


The groovy sound was the most fun combination of starting from bass to soprano to rhythms of beat box! The possibilities of the group were limitless, their techniques flawless – they have their very own soprano, beat boxer and all the way to bass. They offered us from brilliantly made covers to major music symbols like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Miles Davis as well as fresh gifts from the new album that came last year in August Wonderful World. Think of all your favorite things in music and add mesmerizing scenic presence – the result would be these guys – M-pact. Having a leader like Jeff Smith, a most talented singer, beat boxer, artistic director and one of the founding members, the open minded and innovative crew probably has enough future plans to fulfill the ears and the soul of the thirstiest fans. While at the same time keeping up all the time with the traditions of music, as they have proved us at Kumu museum.


You have to live it, listen to it – believe it. No instruments other than the one most powerful one – beautiful human voice. One does not need a saxophone to cover Miles Davis, and was that a cover of Michael Jackson or was it just the most talented human nature? One single concert can include major songs of the world, bring the joy of music to anyone – a delicatessen for the soul, and what better true delight than this for the winter magic in Kadriorg.





Sunday 27th January 2019, 19:00

Kumu auditorium, Tallinn



Drew Tablak – soprano

Aaron Schumacher – alto

Andy Degan – tenor

Jamond McCoy – baritone

Jeff Smith – beatbox

Tracy Robinson – bass