Multifaceted show-case concert from Estonia

25. April 2017
Elodie Bénard

On the first day of the second week of the festival, we got the opportunity to enjoy three concerts with three different musical personalities at Punane Maja; beginning with Four Double Basses, then Marie Vaigla & Raul Vaigla, and ending with Kirke Karja Quintet.

The double bass quarter, Four Double Basses, is an unusual ensemble from Estonia composed of four talented bassists. It presents three generations of musicians including the legendary Taavo Remmel and the youngest Heikko Remmel. Four different musical sensibilities but a complementarity which gives a coherent and audacious ensemble wherewith it’s easy to go with the flow. After starting all together, double bass duos Taavo & Heikko Remmel as well as Peduu Kass & Mihkel Mälgand have performed. The first duo was more classical using a question/answer approach; the second one was not using the double bass just as a string instrument but as a real percussion too. The dialogues of both duos were expressive and witty and the musicians were not stingy demonstrating the possibilities of double bass. They succeeded in sharing their undeniable complicity with the public. Some swing beats finally appeared, on which we could discreetly move following the rhythm. A concert pleasant for both ears and heart.

The multi-faceted craftsman of the four strings Raul Vaigla performed this Monday with his daughter Marie Vaigla; a juicy bass guitar and colourful vocals were the only instruments on stage. Although assimilated with other bands, the successful collaboration between both musicians began in 2013 and persisted until today. A pleasurable moment, where each of us could close our eyes and enjoy the perfect fusion between the artists. The complicity between the father and the daughter is obvious and is easily transmitted to the audience. Breathing, whistling, live effects gave to the voice another dimension; combined with electrifying bass sounds. A travel between soul and classic jazz, enhanced by a beautiful version of the famous Nina Simone’s song “When I was a young girl”.

The pianist Kirke Karja, winner of the 2014 Young Jazz Talent Award, has earned recognition for unique compositions and exciting performances. She went to present us her new program ‘EARCUT’ which draws inspiration from American linguist Noam Chomsky and from the theory of generative grammar accompanied by Mairo Marjamaa and Lauri Kadalipp at the saxophone, MartinEero Kõressaar at the double bass and Hans Kurvits at the drums. As a starter a smooth explosion, then the calm before the storm. An unstitched effect largely controlled, as if every musician would give free rein to his imagination to finally produce a coherent and explosive ensemble in which every one’s musical personality is essential. A wild concert livened up with a brawny dialogue between the drums and the double bass and an explosive dialogue between piano and saxophones.

Three concerts, three different musical personalities but a common feature: an unfailing complicity between the musicians. A soirée which ended on a high note, as a beautiful firework where everyone added his own musical colour.



24th of April (9pm) Punane Maja, Tallinn




Heikko Remmel – double bass
Peedu Kass – double bass
Mihkel Mälgand – double bass
Taavo Remmel – double bass



Marie Vaigla- vocal
Raul Vaigla – bass



Kirke Karja – piano
Mairo Marjamaa – saxophone
Lauri Kadalipp – saxophone
Martin-Eero Kõressaar – double bass
Hans Kurvits – drums



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