One man and the rhythm vibrations of the world

10. November 2017
Ines Margato

Part of his European tour, Terry Bozzio gave a solo performance with the biggest drums and percussion unit in the world in Tallinn, at Kumu Auditorium. He created a new musical expression well beyond the classical-standard drumming rhythms. The public interested to the event was enormous, being even sold-out.


Bozzio has more than four rich decades of career, he is a notable figure in the drum and rock world. He has played alongside with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons and Mick Jagger, as well as ventured solo by creating his own drum set. His drums and percussions has been adjusted and readjusted throughout his career. At the moment, his kit includes tuned drums, cymbals and different percussions.


Bozzio’s concert program was dynamic, virtuoso and melodic covering songs like “Africa”, “5 Flute Loops”, “Debussy”, “Slow Latin”, “Pat’s changes” and “7 equals 5”. Additionally, he improvised with cajon and wavedrum. Each sound was an invitation into his world, from his point of view, an expression of the world we live in nowadays based on life’s tempo, moods and styles.


Bozzio was able to produce a wide range of variations, compositional forms and structures, different frequencies and intensities. His technique was precise, reliable and rich, full of profound emotional contrasts, dynamic tones and harmonic rhythms.


This magnificent concert had an overwhelming public response with a boundless applause and a standing ovation.


Terry Bozzio (USA)

Friday 3rd November 2017, 19h at Kumu Auditorium
Terry Bozzio – drums and percussion unit
Michel Weekhout – drum tech


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