Order out of chaos

02. May 2017
Miaela Barac

A simple Friday evening. A classic sound called us to Vaba Lava to calm our souls. The duo Grandbrothers with Lukas Vogel from Germany and Erol Sarp from Switzerland we tasted the elegant classic piano “dancing” with the modern accurate electronic music. It was serene. And both of them had a cool vibe of acceptance and simplicity. They talked amusingly and with a personal feeling. Forgetting now and then even the name of songs…as, of course, the music is the most important. The info that was clearly understood was that the artists have a freshly squeezed out of the muse oven new album Dilated (or as they said: “it is called whatever”). A successful debut for the music that can fit in clubs as well as in a meditation class.


The contrast of sounds created the balance. Order out of chaos. The piano sounds are explored to the maximum. The classic sounds of the mighty instrument have little “hammers” on the strings while being controlled by the computer, thus the created loops and the piano patterns. The funny part is that after every song pieces were falling, but the guys were just more motivated to continue and explore.


If one had a moody day or unhappy week…these guys would be the therapy. Their music gets you to the calmness so awaited and energizing. No rush. Even though the rhythm is dynamic and full. Tracks like Honey really know how to soothe and sweeten your heart and senses. It is their music that tells you that all is ok. Take a seat… Feel it and fill yourself with it.


Grandbrothers (Germany/Switzerland)

Vaba Lava (Tallinn)

28th of April 2017 (6pm)



Erol Sarp – piano

Lukas Vogel – electronics



Check out the photos from the concert