Power Duo destroys Punane Maja

26. April 2019
Lennart Richter

Multi-instrumentalists Josh Dion and Geoff Kraly are the paris_monster. The duo entered the stage at Punane Maja as the last act of an already phenomenal night of performances. In contrast to the relatively quiet and serene program that led up to the Paris Monster, they on the other hand seemed determined to light that place on fire. And they did – with a voluminous and loud presentation of their catchy and at the same time danceable repertoire of very original songs. Loops and Sequencer patterns form the foundation for most songs, while funky drumbeats, bass lines and melodies plus strong vocals are layered on top. The band opened the concert with songs off of their most recent release Lamplight (2019), including Deep Under Darks, Hot Canyon Air, and Moles.



Kraly operates heavy machinery including an old modular synthesizer the size of a fridge, but also a bass guitar attached to a huge array of effect pedals. Hence, he was able to present an enormous sound pallet that ranged from low end bass lines to high sounding melodies and solo passages. The seemingly introverted Kraly was complemented by his band mate Josh Dion. Listeners were in awe when the extroverted bandleader Dion displayed his unique ability to play the drums, operate a synthesizer, and perform lead vocals all simultaneously. Even though tied to the drum throne he managed to fulfil all criteria of a front man. Excessively nodding and grimacing with his long mane flying in all directions Dion did a good job of delivering a highly energetic performance and communicating well with the audience.



Unfortunately the sound of Paris Monster seemed a little too big for the venue. The low-end frequencies were only felt in the stomach, while the high and mid frequencies were ear-piercing at times. But that did apparently no harm to the audience’s good mood. Everybody left the venue after intense ninety minutes after long rounds of applause and multiple encores, which left the band expressing their appreciation for the audience hanging late. Maybe next time we will be able to see and listen to this grandiose band in a different location.



Thursday April 25,  23:00, Punane Maja



Josh Dion – vocals, drums, synthesizer
Geoff Kraly – bass, synthesizer


See photos from the concert here.