Review: Morning coffee with Tenfold Rabbit

21. April 2014
Monika Erdman

Sunday morning isn’t a very usual time for a concert, but Tenfold Rabbit filled Kochi Kohvituba with listeners. The hubbub of the café subsided when four young men appeared on stage. They might not have the best acoustics in Tallinn at Kochi Kohvituba, but the sound was perfectly balanced and public enjoyed the warm sound of Tenfold Rabbit. 

Even though Tenfold Rabbit play song-like structured music, they avoid repetitions in verses. They sing songs that are actually interesting to listen to. Andres Kõpper is talented musician and brilliant singer not afraid of a cappella. That is not very common for young bands. 

Dynamics is something musicians with electronic instruments sometimes forget about, but not the Tenfold Rabbit. Their songs are full of breath taking pauses and every member of a band is careful with volume balance. Meelik Samel, for instance, played on a scale of his five string Fender when it was needed to be quiet and Oliver Rõõmus changed drums to percussion. Jaan Jaago, the only guitarist in the band, seems to be one of those rare guitar players, who does not play too much… Not much, but always on time. 

Tenfold Rabbit are four cheerful guys singing about summer, themselves and people around them. Sincere in every note they play. If you still haven’t got a soundtrack for sunny day bicycle ride or any holiday trip then these guys have their first album recorded. Will suit perfectly! 


Tenfold Rabbit

April 20 at Kochi Kohvituba


The band

Andres Kõpper (vocals, piano)

Jaan Jaago (guitar)

Meelik Samel (bass)

Oliver Rõõmus (drums)