The One-Man Giant Show

24. April 2016
Ceren Ay

Jarle Bernhoft, as his stage name Bern/Hoft, presented an unforgettable night for the music lovers at Vaba Lava concert hall on 23rd of April. The crowd in front of the concert hall was already giving a clue about this powerful show. Although he is not known worldwide, his success has been approved by connoisseurs of music. In December 2014, it was announced that his album Islander had received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album for the 2015 awards.


Despite continuing his career as one-man band, in his early music life was in a number of bands, such as Explicit Lyrics and Span. With his remarkable talent as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist, the Norwegian singer gave the audience a musical feast. Those who came had chance to enjoy his best known songs, such as “Streetlights”, “Shout”, “Choices”, “C’mon Talk” and “Stay With Me”.

The show was not only about his songs but also his extraordinary way of bringing sounds together with few tools. As a one-man show he was able to fill the whole stage with his performance, sounding like a full band with his technique, which is instant recording, looping and layering as well as changing instruments mid-song.


From the very first moment he got on the stage, Bernhoft took everyone’s attention with his energy. Besides his smooth voice and remarkable music talent, the stage performance, with its successful light show, made the audience feel as though they were attending a glorious festival. Through the stories he told during the pauses, Bernhoft managed to warm the atmosphere and dragged visitors deeply into a show that was full of fun and music.


The connection between the listeners and Bernhoft was so strong that when the concert came to an end it was hard for both to say goodbye. After leaving the stage, to intense applause, the musician could not resist the audience’s sincere wish to listen to a few more songs and returned to the stage one more time. Even during these last 3 songs the energy of the show didn’t reduce. Moreover, the audience joined in with Bernhoft`s performance, dancing and accompanying the songs. At the end of the show he seemed as satisfied as the visitors, saying that he hoped to meet them again at the next concerts in Tallinn.




23rd of April 9 pm at Vaba Lava concert hall


Jarle Bernhoft (vocals, guitar, keyboard, electronics)


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