The richness of diversity

30. April 2017
Ines Margato

Unique snowflakes started to fall on a windy afternoon. Luckily Vaba Lava opened its doors for a warm concert replete with cultural connections and friendship. The exotic and emotional Adnan Joubran Quintet transported us to a parallel word rich with traditional instruments. It was possibly one of the best performances this festival.


The quintet came to Tallinn to promote their debut album Borders Behind (2014). Through this work, Joubran head for an adventure himself, leaving behind the highly-respected and successful oud trio Le Trio Joubran. Adnan is a 31 year-old member of a fourth generation Palestinian family of oud makers, and his rhythms, technique and notes are magical. He has an intuitive playing style, a oneness with his instrument that gives new language to the Arabic tradition. The tracks are a rich mescla from India and Iran, passing through Flamenco tones on the way.


In this concert, the oud player was supported by the Indian tabla player Anrit Hussain, the french Valentin Mussou on cello, by the Iranian percussionist Habbib Meftahboushehri and second frenchman Sylvian Barou on flute. This musical diversity transformed a snowy afternoon into a meaningful life experience without cultural boundaries for all of us. Throughout the performance there was a constant and marvellous dialogue between the instruments, a complicity in which energy and musical intelligence emerged.


The musical arrangements are complex, emotional and variable. The imagination moves from a busy morning in the market where the energy is instant and intense to a moment where we miss our home, a touch, a feeling.


Joubran touched our hearts when he dedicated one track to his idol, Paco de Lucia, and when they played “I wish I were a tree” – human beings are not so humans lately. “We are born to give love just like trees, not to be killed and to kill. We dedicate this track to all the babies and children in the world who have lost their parents in war”, Joubran said.


The Adnan Joubran Quintet (France/Palestine)

Saturday 29th April 2017, 4.00 pm at Vaba Lava (Tallinn)


Adnan Joubran (oud)

Anrit Hussain (tablas)

Valentin Mussou (cello)

Habbib Meftahboushehri (percussion)

Sylvian Barou (flute)


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