The whole package with Papanosh

26. April 2017
Jan-Erik Aavik

It was the sixth day of Jazzkaar and it was only getting better! On 25th of April Papanosh performed with their fresh album Chicken In A Bottle which should be a synonym to “variation”.


With Papanosh you get everything. Sweet tender slow music, progressive, spontaneous outbursts contrasted with calculated melodies. Explosive, upbeat rhythm to sombre notes. In minutes, the atmosphere of the whole hall changes from euphoric to meditative. The unpredictability of the entire process and their attitude towards the construction of the performance lead to tension and pure joy. You could see people smiling and swaying along, one moment to a smooth funeral song, the next moment to an explosive drum solo.


They also included a peculiar physical performance element in addition to the music where a guy on the piano controlled the band on his arm, moving like a wave back and forth, and as the wave progressed the music got speedy, intricate, loud. When the wave (read: hand) regressed, so did the music into something very quiet, soft and reflective.


They have played together essentially for ten years now, and it is very exciting to see their effortless intra-band communication. They are going all in and just enjoying, whilst the outcome is baffling. Chicken In A Bottle is a nice compressed form of a whole spectrum of moods and tempos, a nice compressed form of craziness.



25th of April 2017


Quentin Ghomari- trumpet
Raphaël Quenehen – saxophone
Sébastien Palis- piano, Hammond B3, accordion
Thibault Cellier- double bass
Jérémie Piazza – drums


Check out photos from the concert.