Three Stars in the Sky

27. April 2016
Ceren Ay

Jazz lovers in Tallinn had an enchanting music feast last night in Punane Maja. Three different and successful Estonian jazz collectives met on the same night for the homage to Veljo Tormis (Kummardus Veljo Tormisele). Understandably the concert hall was full for such a special night and the audience enthusiastic.


Trump Conception was the first band. This multi-instrumental orchestra, which includes 10 young and very talented musicians, started the night full of energy. The band had a rich and powerful sound with the harmonising melodies of two saxophones, two trumpets, a trombone, drums, percussion, keyboards and two guitars. During their mini-show they performed various songs that were examples of their wide ranging music style that includes jazz, funk, fusion and rock. Team leader, lyricist and bass player Janno Trump and 9 brilliant performers left an unforgettable impression on the audience.


When Aleksander Paal Trio came on the stage the atmosphere was already beyond the time and space. Aleksander Paal brought a cure for our heart and soul with his magical saxophone rhythms. What was more clear in this part of the show was that whole venue had frozen to catch every moment of the performance as well as to feel every little melody. Although the band has Aleksander’s name, Heikko Rembel’s incredible double bass performance and Dmitri Nikolajevski’s powerful drum solos were also the main ingredients of such strong and emotional sounds.


After two astonishing instrumental performances, Voorand-Koikson-Sooäär-Daniel appeared on the stage with only two guitars and two singers. When they started their first song, with such captivating and deep voices, what came next could not have been expected. Apart from having a mixture of traditional and modern melodies their extraordinary style captured the whole audience. Voorand’s different method of recording various sounds and using them as background melodies took this guitar-vocal band somewhere beyond. With each new song they managed to surprise and satisfy the listeners once again.

Although the venue was relatively small for such a crowd, it was seen clearly that the visitors enjoyed every single moment of this three-hour long show. These three excellent Estonian Jazz collectives, three stars in the sky, made our night joyful and bright.


Trump Conception, Aleksander Paal Trio, Voorand-Koikson-Sooäär-Daniel


25th of April, 9 pm, at the Punane Maja concert hall


Trum Conception:

Janno Trump (bass guitar), Danel Aljo (tenor saxophone), Keio Vutt (baritone saxophone), Allan Järve (trumpet), Tanel Kuusk (trumpet), Johannes Kiik (trombone), Pent Järve (guitar), Madis Muul (keyboard), Dmitri Nikolajevski (drums), Caspar Salo (percussion)


Aleksander Paal Trio:

Aleksander Paal (saxophone), Heikko Remmel (double bass), Dmitri Nikolajevski (drums)



Kadri Voorand (vocal), Liisi Koikson (vocal), Jaak Sooäär (guitar), Paul Daniel (guitar)


Check the pictures of the concert here