Veronika & Bálint: The perfect combination

01. May 2016
Ines Margato

Despite the sunny day the room at Punane Maja was almost full, and scented with the sweet smell of chocolate. The public waited for the performance by Veronika Harcsa and Gyémánt Bálint from Hungary, and welcomed them enthusiastically to the stage.


Today, it was their third and last concert in Estonia. The jazz duo presented themselves in a very relaxed manner. Veronika was on stage in a colourful dress and proud smile, and Bálint was casual and a little bit shy. The complicity between the pair was evident and, as a result, the music was full of joy, satisfaction and relaxation.


Veronika is 33 years old and from Budapest, being graduated from the Faculty of Jazz in 2008. With four albums released, today Veronika belongs to the elite of modern jazz. Additionally, Gyémánt Bálint is one of the most outstanding guitarists on the Hungarian jazz scene. Tonight, the duo shared mainly original songs from their previous album, Lifelover (2013), which has been awarded the Best Album at the Fonogram Awards. Veronika and Bálint also presented us with some songs from their forthcoming album.


Veronika surprised the public with her funky vocal sounds, improvising in almost every song. The random sounds seemed to be inspired by the guitar string and to be hidden somewhere underneath the skin. Veronika uses her music to express feelings, to talk about life, family and love. For example, her gratitude to JazzKaar and its public, and for this opportunity to be in Estonia for the first time. These three days brought light into her/their soul(s). “We fell in love with your country”, Veronika said on stage.

Veronika sings mainly in English, only one song was in Hungarian. Estonian and Hungarian belong to the same linguistic family. However, the similarities were not evident when she embraced her roots, sharing them through a beautiful traditional Hungarian lullaby.


Bálint showed off his rhythms with an impressive finger technique. Different elements were used effectively to create a unique quality, including a looper effect. He has a pure connection with his guitar, being the perfect company to Veronika’s funky jazzy voice.


Today, Veronika & Bálint finished their visit in Estonia in great style. The public smiled, danced and applauded happily. Hopefully, we will be seeing them on Estonian stages again soon!


Veronika Harcsa & Gyémánt Bálint


30th of April 2016, 5.30 pm at Punane Maja, Tallinn

Veronika Harcsa (vocals)

Balint Gyemant (acoustic guitar)


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