Kadri Voorand is the winner of 23th Naissoo competition

03. aprill 2007

The winner of 23th Uno Naissoo composing competition for young is singer Kadri Voorand. The 2nd award went to a singer Tuuli Taul, the 3rd place to saxophonist Kristjan Mazurtchak.

April, the Month of Jazz (Jazzikuu in Estonian) is celebrated in twenty countries of the world and for the first time in Estonia. It begun on the 1st of April with a composing competition for young named after our grand master of jazz Uno Naissoo (25. III 1928 – 5. I 1980).

Held for the 23rd time and organized by the Pop/Jazz department of the Tallinn Georg Ots Music School, the finals of the competition had 10 pieces competing and were assessed by a jury that consisted of Uno Loop, Anne Erm, Raivo Sersant, Maian Kärmas and Vladimir Võssotski.

The jury said that the level of competing works is still rising and that competitors can almost be referred to as professionals. It was not easy for the jury to make the decision for all the pieces were interesting in their own way. Also as a positive change it was noted that most of the works were performed in Estonian.

I place Kadri Voorand (lyrics and music) “Tunde kaja” (“Echo of a feeling”)
Line-up: Kadri Voorand – vocals, Kristjan Mazurtchak – tenor saxophone, Kaspar Kalluste – drums, Kaarel Liiv – bass, Rain Rämmal – keyboards

II place Tuuli Taul (lyrics and music) “Kuus ruutmeetrit põrandapinda” (“Six square meters of floor”)
Line-up: Tuuli Taul – vocals and keyboards, Liina Amon – drums, Andrus Avarand- drums, Lauri Luide – trumpet

III place Kristjan Mazurtchak (lyrics and music) “Kas sa kuuled mu häält” (“Do you hear my voice”)
Line-up: Kristjan Mazurtchak – tenor saxophone, Mingo Rajandi – double base, Virgo Sillamaa – guitar, Hele-Riin Uib – vibraphone, Meelis Vind – bass clarinet, Marvi Vallaste – vocals

Special awards:
Audience award and Jazzikuu award: Piret Laikre (lyrics and music) “Tänusõnad” (“Words of thanks”)

Estonian language award: Tuuli Taul (lyrics and music) “Kuus ruutmeetrit põrandapinda” (“Six square meters of floor”)

Special award from Jazzkaar for originality and creative attitude: Raimond Virsa (poetry + solo) “Naiivselt laterna ja lumehelvestega” (“Naively with a lantern and snowflakes”)

Kadri Voorand is a second year student of Music and Theatre Academy and her compositions have roused attention at Uno Naissoo competition before. Tuuli Taul is a first year student at Georg Ots Music School, she has stood out with her music at competitions in Pärnu, Tartu and Tallinn. Kristjan Maszurtchak is a fourth year student at Georg Ots Music School and his ensembles have been acknowledged many times at Tartu Rainbow Jazz. Audience award went to a band that consists of Viimsi High School students.

Monetary awards were presented by IS MUSIC TEAM.

Competitive concert brought a full house to Ots School, also present were the closest relatives of Uno Naissoo. Singer-guitarist Uno Loop, who worked closely with Uno Naissoo, came out with the idea of creating a fond next to the Fond of National Culture named after Uno Naissoo, that would support young talented musicians and also the competition at Georg Ots Music School.

With the initiative of Uno Naissoo in 1977 a Pop/Jazz department at the school was created. Naissoo was also the originator of jazz festivals in Tallinn in 1949 and the creator of Composers Alliance Experimental Chamber Choir that broadened the grounds of choral music adding experimental works of composers of 20th century and jazz to their repertoire.

Next year passes 80 years of Uno Naissoo’s birth. On this occasion the competition and all events tied to the name of Uno Naissoo will become more important than ever. Next competition is held on April 6th 2008.