05. oktoober 2007

The most unusual concerts of Jazzkaar’s Autumn Jazz bring together rock musicians from the USA, UK and Germany – Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong as The Humans and Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter as Tuner.

October 25th 9 pm
Tallinn Rock Cafe

October 26th 7 pm
Tartu Jaani Church

October 27th 7 pm
Viljandi Cultural Center

THE HUMANS live show is song based but the songs are deconstructed down to the bones of raw experience exposing human nature and irony. Comparisons are always misleading but if The White Stripes met with the vocal adventures of Lou Reed, Kate Bush, Gabriel and Beefheart then you might get a flavour of things to come…

Toyah Willcox began her public life as a stage and television actress, but it is her musical activities that brought about her first real fame. In 1978 she founded the band Toyah. Her singing career took off with hits such as “I Want To Be Free” and “It’s A Mystery”. In 1983, she was voted Best Female Singer at the British Rock and Pop Awards and in 1986 she married avant-garde musician, Robert Fripp.

William “Bill” Rieflin is a contemporary musician and is currently drumming for R.E.M.. In the past he has worked with Ministry, the Revolting Cocks, KMFDM, Pigface, Swans, Chris Cornell, Nine Inch Nails and many others. He is one of the founders of the independent music label First World Music.

Chris Wong is a professional guitarist, bass guitarist, arranger, orchestrator, composer, and musical director. He has worked with artists such as Phil Watts, Mark Rattray, Rox Clayton Scott, and many others. Currently he is Toyah Willcox’s musical director and guitarist.

TUNER consists of drummer Pat Mastelotto and German touch guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Markus Reuter. The pair released an album under the name “Tuner” in late 2005 and “Pole” in June 2007.

Lee Patrick Mastelotto is an autodidact drummer, who has played with bands like Mr. Mister, King Crimson, XTC and others. His studio and stage partners are such jazz, soul and rock musicians as Al Jarreau, Pointer Sisters, Patti LaBelle, The Sugarcubes, Hall & Oates, Cock Robin, The Rembrandts, David Sylvian, Kimmo Pohjonen. Since 1994 he is a member of King Crimson.

Markus Reuter is a producer, musician, composer & sound designer with astonishing credentials given his relatively young years. He is aligned to several eclectic bands such as Europa String Choir, and String Unit (with Zoltan Lantos), both in the studio and live arena. His current main interest is the use of algorithmic composition in all sorts of styles (incl. ambient, pop & rock music) and generative approaches to sound design.

Tickets are available at Piletimaailm.com and Piletilevi.ee